My name is Shane Liesegang.

I'm a freelance game designer and writer, available for contracting.

In the past I've worked at Sony Santa Monica, Bethesda Game Studios, Electronic Arts Los Angeles, and ever so briefly at Walt Disney Imagineering.

I went to The University of Virginia for undergrad (Cognitive Science and Theater, Computer Science minor) and Carnegie Mellon University for grad school (Entertainment Technology Center).

Outside of my professional work, I do some random projects like the Angel prototyping engine, a Firefox extension called Morning Coffee, and a number of random website thing-a-ma-jobs.

I used to make robots, which is why I have my name on Patent 8,307,295, but I have mixed feelings about software patents in general. Nowadays I content myself with the occasional Twitter bot, including one that now has MANY TIMES more followers than I do, thus fulfilling the dream of every robot creator. Yes, world domination starts with Twitter bots.

As a game designer, my interests include:

I don't generally like getting emails from randos or spambots.

However, I love to receive emails about: games (especially any of the topics listed above), burritos, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the NFL in general, typography, computer science education, film scores, the history of the American Revolution, hobbyist electronics, karaoke, animated Disney films of the 90's, Scotch, irrational travel, U2, the Polyphonic Spree, Stephen Sondheim, hiking, and camping. If you need to get in touch with me about any of these subjects, my email address is my last name at a popular search engine company's webmail service.

I have a blog in which I rarely write. I tweet @OptimistPanda far more than I should.

The rest of my website is down pending re-org, re-birth, re-creation, etc. In the meanwhile, please enjoy this hedgehog holding a raspberry.

Hedgehog Holding a Raspberry

© 2000-2014, Shane Liesegang