Book time with Shane

I sometimes get emails or messages from people who want prayers or have some Big Questions about spirituality or just regular questions about what does [x] Jesuit term mean, why does the Catholic Church do [y], etc. They are often prefaced with all manner of apologies, people worried they’re taking up too much of my time, or that it’s akin to doctors being asked to diagnose illnesses in social situations.

This is to make it clear: answering those sorts of things is literally what I signed up to do! It’s what I’m for. Absolutely feel free to come to me with any of that stuff.

To that end, you can use the system below to book some of my time if you like. I’m currently (as of January 2021) living in Beirut, but have tried to arrange timeslots that might be convenient for people living in other places.

Feel free to grab my time on:

Finally, if you’re a friend or family member and just want to catch up, this is a totally acceptable way to grab some of my time and skip the whole back-and-forth of scheduling. It also makes dealing with timezones much easier! No need to ask me beforehand; I would be delighted to see a notification that you scheduled a chat.

Please note that all of this comes with the caveat that my schedule is frequently unpredictable so I sometimes may not be available even if this system says I am. In that case, I’ll try to let you know as soon as I can, so you can find another time.

(This whole endeavor makes me feel slightly egotistical, but I also really like talking to people. At the same time I have my own degree of social anxiety and know how tough it can be to ask for a person’s time, so figured a system like this could make things smoother for some. [That “some” includes me.])